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Date 1:
17 April 2024, Wednesday
7.30pm - 9.30pm

Date 2:
20 April 2024, Saturday
10am - 12pm

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Safeguard Your Profits with a Recession Proof Portfolio
Speed up the Growth of Your Trading Account with the Power of Options
Why Billionaires Buy Stock Options instead of just Buying Stocks.
​The Investment Strategies Warren Buffett and many TOP Fund Managers Use!
​​LIVE Market Analysis, the 3 Most Important Criteria To Assess Which Stocks to Buy
​​The Stocks & Options Strategy X Insider Framework To Achieve Massive Success In Your Investing Journey (even if you are completely new)
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Results People have achieved with The Next Level Options Masterclass

"The market was very bullish when I got retrenched. Until I stumbled across this course. The mentor-ship really helps a lot, with the regular check in, validation and making sure I am on the right track."
Program Manager
"Their strategies are very safe, and it helps the students to know when to use the strategy. And especially for someone new,
safe is good."
GM of a trading company 
"I used to think that climbing the corporate ladder will lead me to financial freedom. I spent long hours at work and ended up having very little time for my loved ones.  Without this course, I wouldn't be able to leave my job."
Roadshow Coordinator
"I think we are very fortunate to come together as a community and learn the things that help made a lot of high portfolio gainers, we have even made millionaires in the team."
Jun Jie
Options Millionaire Student
"The mentors at OMM are very authentic and sincere in their desire to really mentor their students and help them grow. So it's a very nurturing atmosphere. I'm very very happy to have found OMM."
Dr. Jennifer Teo
"Once you really listen to it and try to apply these principles yourself, gain experience doing it and you realize that actually, it really does work if you really have the right mindset."
Options Millionaire Student
"Their strategies are very safe, and it helps the students to know when to use the strategy. And especially for someone new, 
safe is good."
GM of a trading company 
"The course is not difficult at all. We have a group of like-minded peers so that we can actually invest and discuss together 
as a team."

Real Students, Real Testimonials

"Made passive income in 1 trade when I was just a student: and that was just the beginning!"
Marc Teo
Digital Marketer, Student from SG Cohort
"Learning from what the trainers have taught has transformed my life, and is something I will forever be grateful for!"
Jeffro Ong
Trainer & Speaker, Student from Malaysia Cohort
"It's very helpful for beginners or anyone who is not familiar with options or want to build up their portfolio through a proper strategy. 

Highly recommended course! Worth the value!"
Agnes Yap
Account Executive, Student from Malaysia Cohort
"After I spoke to some experienced option players amongst my network, upon sharing the strategies which OMI taught, they agree that these strategies are defensive play at work and would serve as protection for investors. So the team teaches with integrity, very important value!!

OMI has far exceeded my expectation in all forms and ways! Plus I made the investment of the course fees in 2 nights of trading!!"
Cassandra Lee
Student from SG Cohort
"This is one of the best courses I have ever attended. Suitable to both new and experience investor. The speakers are really professional, the values they shared to us are way more than the fees of the course, highly recommended! Thank you"
Jvn Yi
Student from Malaysia Cohort
"Really enjoyed the frameworks &
learnings from share investments..."
Ng Keng Zhing
Student from UK Cohort
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Meet Your World Class Investment Coach

International Investment Coach
Chloe is a patient investment coach who grew her portfolio multiple folds and taught a lot of students to grow their net worth with safe, fundamentally sound strategies.

Chloe is also an international speaker and heads the Buffett Online School in Japan. Her immense knowledge and success in the stock market has helped her become a full-time investor and coach.

As a seasoned journalist, Chloe specialises in finding high growth businesses and identifying potential investment opportunities.

Endorsed By:

Sean Seah

Full-time investor, coach and dad of 3 kids who turned his 5-figure portfolio into 8-figures following this exact Mary Buffett's Strategy

Sean Seah

Full-time investor, coach and dad of 3 kids who turned his 5-figure portfolio into 8-figure following this exact Mary Buffett's Strategy

Ready to learn the simple strategies that will help you grow your portfolio?

Some Commonly Asked Questions

What time does the registration start?

5 minutes before the specified timing so turn up early because we might be sharing useful stuff even before the class begins!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes sure but do let us know in advance or help them to register to make sure we have the seat allocated for them. Just share the link to get them registered for the workshop together with you.

I have never invested before and am completely new. Will this work for me?

Absolutely yes. Our speciality is in bringing beginners to become profitable investors in record time. In fact, it is usually better that you have an open mind and clean slate (no experience), so that we can program you with the right principles from the start.

I am already an experienced investor. Is this workshop still suitable for me?

We have gotten a lot of feedback from veterans investors after they attended our workshop, telling us how much they have improved since adding on to the stuff that we teach and really solidifying their current methods. So yes, there is no harm in exposing yourself to another method, better yet something that Warren Buffett has been using all these years
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